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 About the Site

Although many different Registers for various Triumph automobiles exist to date, until now the TR-series have been widely overlooked by most other organizations. In order to preserve the historical value of the marque's TR models, we have created the
International Triumph TR Registry.

While our presence is new, our cause is well known - the preservation of the Triumph TRs automobiles. Through the support of many volunteers and clubs, we have built a strong foundation. But your participation is vital to ensure our continued success.

We hope that all our participants find the Registry as an invaluable resource in support of the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of these unique automobiles. It is also important to note that the ITTR is not owned nor affiliated with any automotive register, club, organization or business. We however have many "Friends of the Registry", and encourage club endorsement and support - to learn more, read about our Friendship Program.

With the support of individuals, simply by registering your vehicle - you increase the value of the data herein, and help to secure the heritage of the Marque. After completing the registration process, an official Certificate can be printed with your data, verifying that you have successfully registered your vehicle.

Other significant features of the Registry include cars listed for 'Sale', 'Stolen', 'Original owner', a Photo Gallery, and a wide array of reports that you can search.

If you know someone who has a Triumph TR automobile, please let them know of this important repository.