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  ITTR Friendship Program - DRAFT: under development
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While the specific details of ITTR Friendship Program are still under development, there are three basic tiers that help to identify the levels of participation.

Sponsors are typically corporate entities, whether a manufacturer, service provider or reseller, with an associated commercial interest, who provides some value back to "our" community and individual participants.

Endorsers are organizations whose purpose is the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of the Triumph marque. For the most part, Triumph automotive clubs and associations.

Supporters represent every individual that participates in the continued growth of the TR Registry.


Sponsorship or underwriting supplements private funding in making possible the continued support and development of the TR Registry, its efforts and the website.

The TR Registry Sponsorship program is positioned as a communication tool, bringing value to companies through special acknowledgment and appreciation from customers and participants like you.

By developing partnerships, the TR Registry hopes to continue to deliver quality — quality that is immediately transferred to our corporate sponsors.

Some Familiar Names :

The Roadster Factory is the premier British sports car company in North America because it has always been run, more or less, as a club of enthusiasts who know that a classic British sports car is an essential accessory for their way of life.


Moss Motors is the world's largest and oldest supplier of parts for classic British sports cars.


Clubs can join the TR Registry at any time.

The 6-PACK is the USA based Triumph TR6 & TR250 Club dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation and restoration of the Triumph TR250 and TR6 Automobile.


Maybe you are already a member of a Triumph Club, and can promote the TR Registry within your club. Or, perhaps you own a Triumph, and would simply prefer to register your automobile. By registering your vehicle and participating in the promotion of the TR Registry, you increase the value of the data, and help secure our long term success.

Many thanks to those individuals have devoted their time to helping the TR Registry achieve our mission.