International Triumph TR Registry :  Help and Required Information
  In order to Register a vehicle, various types of information are required as listed below.

 Required Information
 Optional Information Special Information

Engine Number
Body Number
Top Color

Manufactured Date & BMIHT Date
Original Owner
Modified Cars
Upload a Picture

For Sale

 Required Information
Commission number, Paint and Trim Codes can all be found on the plate riveted to the left hand "B" post door shut.

The Commission Number (comprised of 2 letter Prefix, 5-digit numeric and 2 letter Suffix) MUST be entered correctly when registering your vehicle. Use the drop down boxes to select the appropriate Prefix and Suffix, and type the 5-digit numeric Commission number.

If that Commission number already resides in the database, you will receive an error message stating that vehicle has previousily been registered. Please contact the previous owner directly to update the record before contacting the webmaster for assistance.

The Paint and Trim Codes should be the 'current' color of the car, rather than the original color from the factory. Use the To view a color chart mapping codes to colors, click here (to view the Paint & Trim Code Table)

The Year of your car typically corresponds to the number stamped on the Commission plate or found on the vehicle's Government registration material (i.e., DMV registration). Due to wide spread discrepancies in the data, the YEAR is required, while the Manufactured Date and BHIMT are optional.


Left or Right hand drive is a required field. Although the Commission may reveal to drive side of the car, many conversions have taken place.
Select the option that best describes the present vehicle condition. This can be readily updated as the status may change over time.

The registrant is required to provide both a Owner/Full name and User name, as well as an e-mail address.

Names, whether real, shortened, or nick name (e.g., "anonymous") are used to pair vehicles with their respective owners.

Since the Registry is self-administered, the registrant must also provide an E-mail address. Should their password and/or user name be misplaced, an auto-response mailer can be sent to the e-mail address of record accordingly.

For your own privacy, e-mail addresses may be marked as "visible" or "private" to prevent unsolicited mail from other registrants. Simply select "No" on the E-mail address visible field to prevent your email from being displayed.

NOTE: precautions have been taken to prevent spam and mailbots from scanning e-mail adrresses.

 Country and Location   
Registrants are required to provide their Country and Location. Many of the reports generated are Country and Location based, and would be useless without this vital geographical data. Keep in mind, no specific town or street detail is required.
 Account Information   
Registrants need to provide some basic TR Registry account information in order to securely access their own records. By creating your own Username, Password, Password Question and Password Answer, your account can be self-administered. Should you forget this information, or obtain a vehicle which was previously registered under a different name, contact the TR Registry via email for additional assistance.

 Optional Information
Even when the assembly plant was running smoothly at the Coventry, Engines numbers often would be out of sink with their respective commission numbers. Sometimes the docket sheets would be off a digit or two... and then, over the course of 30 years, how many engines have been replaced or swapped. Nevertheless, we are compiling the info, but deemed this as optional.

Body numbers are also optional, since many alterations have been performed since the time of manufacture.

Top colors are optional, since most have been replaced and are black - but there are a couple of real exceptions out there, some which were original and special orders.

 Manufactured Date and BMIHT Built Date   

The Manufactured Date may be stamped on the Commission plate, or may be available by obtaining a BMHIT Certificate. If you know the either date please enter it using the drop down boxes provided in order to maintain consistent date format (DD/MM/YY).

If you are one of those select few who purchased your Triumph when it was still available in the showroom, and still own it now, won't you please let everyone know - you will be instantly recognized as the resident expert of Authenticity by this "Yellow Star"()

If your vehicle is modified from standard, tell everyone a little about those modifications.
Use this area to tell everyone a little about you, your car anything you think may be of interest to other TR owners.
If you have a picture of your car, post it the the Registry ( )

The maximum file size permitted is 100k, and should be in either "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", or "png" file format. The optimal dimensions of the photo is 267 x 200 pixels (WxH). If your photo is larger or smaller, the server will automatically resized the image accordingly, but the overall quality may be reduced.

 Web Page   

If you have a website or homepage, enter it here and a hyperlink will be created for others to visit.

 SPECIAL Information (For Sale/Stolen)   
The TR Registry also offers its registrants the ability to post notices regarding the
SALE ( ) or THEFT ( ) of their vehicles.

Enter a few details regarding the sale/theft of the vehicle, and all the reports in the Registry will reflect this information.