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It is the intention of the International TR Registry ("ITTR") to document and preserve all the Triumph "TR" models by recording their existence and current whereabouts..

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1953-1955 : 8,628 produced

TR3 1955-1957 : 13,377
TR3A 1957-1962 : 58,309
TR3B 1962 : 3,334

TR5 / 250
TR5 and TR250

TR4 1961-1965 : 40,253
TR4A 1965-1967 : 28,465

1967-1968 TR250 : 8484
1968 TR5 : 2947

TR7 / 8

1968-1976 : 91,950


Something to keep in mind, is that even a Production Record Trace Certificate provided by an accredited organization, like British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Information, does not constitute verification of condition or identity of a vehicle.

And, in effect, the information gathered here, which is based on the submissions by either clubs and/or individuals, and can not readily be verified either. Therefore, when registering your vehicle, be sure to be as accurate as possible, and provide the required information as requested.

It is our hope that some day, this information can one day be integrated into a larger repository reflecting all the models of the Marque, since the data model structure is built using the International Vehicle Register scheme.*

For Registries corresponding to other Triumph model, please consult the Other Registries link.

*based on similar databases found at:
 Triumph Sports Six Club ;
 International Triumph GT6 Database ;
 International Triumph Stag Database ;
 and International Triumph Spitfire Database.

Special thanks to the International Triumph STAG Database for assistance was instrumental in the creation and automation of this site.


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